Phone Content Transfer Goes Hybrid: When 2 Become 1

“I want it all”, “I want it now” and “make it secure” pretty much sums up today’s smartphone user demands. Now, add to the mix, a dash of mobile-dependent consumers and blend it together with a competitive industry’s insatiable appetite to wow over customers with new and exciting solutions. And what do you have? A potent mobile market cocktail that is full of new possibilities.

But let’s face it, everyone in the business knows what makes their customers tick – there is an abundance of new solutions, all designed to keep up with a market that is progressing at an unstoppable speed. Nevertheless, keeping your finger on the pulse is a must if you are to leverage your efforts to maintain not only the best possible customer experience, and also keep momentum moving forward. So, what’s next? What’s the next logical step in an industry that pretty much has it all? Which upcoming solutions will give your business the wow-factor, generate revenue, keep customers happy AND keep it moving forward?  The answer is when two become one – the logical fusing of Hybrid solutions and on-app devices.

Looking a little deeper

Take for example the latest Next-Gen phone content transfer solutions. Transferring content from an old device to a new, is typically the first step in creating customer stickiness at the start their mobile journey – and, what’s more, it doesn’t necessarily have to begin and end in the store. New innovation takes care of smartphone customers’ demands for spending less time in the store, while providing speed and security.  From a provider’s perspective, it delivers a superior in-store service that consists of a point-of-sale (POS) hardware, controlled by a tablet device, combined with a mobile app. This innovation is, for sure, the next step in driving new phone upgrades and sales while improving the customer experience.  And, with security in mind, protects the customer’s personal data, sensitive information, pictures, messages – everything!

So, what can an in-store solution combined with a mobile app, do for your customers? I’ll give you a use case scenario, using a customer type that every mobile provider is familiar with.

My friend, let’s call her Hannah, doesn’t like to wait for anything, she is the epitome of ‘I want it all’,’ I want it now’ and ‘make it secure’.  Anyway, during her lunch break, she went out to the local store to upgrade her phone to the latest and greatest. She decided to buy a new Android and trade in her old iPhone. While signing up, it suddenly dawned on her that her old iPhone contains her entire life; personal data, sensitive information, pictures and messages, in other words, her iPhone contained 16 Giga Bytes including 500 contacts, 2,000 photos from the past year, a few videos and about 50 apps with personalized content.

But there were also other issues – Hannah is cautious and very wary of cloud backup services, due to privacy concerns. In short, Hannah’s life was basically on her phone.  And, with her eye on the clock (she only gets an hour for lunch) wanted to know how fast everything could be transferred from her old device to her new. She also wanted reassurance that the device she was trading in, was completely wiped clean.

So, with no time left and a ton of data to transfer, what was she to do?  The store rep told her about a new Phone-2-Phone Transfer App that didn’t require any particular skills to use.  He got Hannah’s attention…

The Mobile app part

The mobile application provided Hannah with the convenience of transferring personal data from her old device to the new phone. Hannah could complete the full transfer later, at her own convenience, but still have her basic information which was transferred in the store – she was ready to go. The on-device Transfer App can also improve in-store service, without the usual in-store effort. It’s a quick, easy to use service that also keeps the store ticking over, even when it’s at its busiest.

In addition, the transfer app can offer the highest value service at the cheapest rate. It gives store reps the ability to extend their services to customers who have purchased their device online, or those who wish to take advantage of self-service. It can even help those who want to transfer large files at home, after transferring their basic contacts in-store.

The neat and powerful transfer app is for sure, the next best thing – it can also replace transfer hardware. However, although the app is super-efficient for multiple sessions in parallel, tethered transfer is still 5-10 times faster than any app out there. Besides speed, set-up is much more intuitive with the hardware solution.  So why not bring them both together.  Or, as the Spice Girls happily sang, when 2 become 1!


Enter the powerful world of Hybrid Transfer

Hybrid combines the best of two types of technical knowhow – the tethered hardware based transfer and the Transfer App. Why is it so great? Well, it offers a number of benefits and features that include the capability of transferring data across different operating systems, using various connection options (wired, wireless), and it’s more secure, since it doesn’t store data locally or in a cloud and can include promotional features.

Hybrid Transfer is also flexible as it manages service times through controlling content transferred and reducing in-store wait time. It has unparalleled support with SDK availability for any mobile providers wishing to employ its technology in their own apps.

Let’s not forget the user experience – Hybrid transfer promotes the user experience as sales reps can service more customers faster and more efficiently. This in turn means more content transferred and less time stuck in the store. And of course, there’s the all-important revenue stream. Mobile providers can decide whether to charge for tethered transfer due to the time taken by the store rep.

Hybrid Transfer supports over 7,000 phone models, including all major mobile OS including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more.

So, there you have it.  Hybrid will become a key ingredient in the mobile market cocktail. And furthermore, this new technology will also help in diagnostics as well as application and content delivery. Hybrid Transfer has the potential of benefiting both customers’ demands and retailers – and more importantly, will keep your business momentum moving forward.

Till next time!

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