Cellebrite presented customer experience and employee empowerment at CEM 2016

Cellebrite was recently at the 2016 CEM (Customer Experience Management) Global Summit, held in London, UK.  Every year, mobile industry players flock to the event to discover new solutions and strategies for tackling today’s mobile market.

Our Mobile Lifecycle experts held several meetings, which included a wide variety of subjects.  Interestingly enough, one subject was revisited again and again – market competition and our Diagnostics solution!

So, for those of you who didn’t make it to the event – here’s a brief outline of what you missed at out booth.

Beat the Competition!

Competitive pricing and new offerings are now the de facto standard in today’s mobile market. But, continual price undercutting and new offerings, especially in an over-saturated market, can damage your brand and eventually affect profit margins.

So, how do you separate from the herd? 

In short, the power of differentiating your business lies solely in raising the level of your customer experience, and not through price cuts or cool new offerings. Easier and more efficient mobile device customer care will streamline the customer experience, retain more customers and prevent customer churn.

We were also asked for ideas on how store reps can create a more positive engagement with customers.  That’s simple! Empower employees!  Our in-store employee experience management creates a positive environment where employees, using fun, innovative and cutting-edge technology, are more likely to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Achieving the ultimate customer experience

Offering a fast and efficient service is most definitely the first step in getting your customers to love you.  The first impression really is the lasting impression, and that rings very true in this case.  It also lays the path for better employee-customer engagement.

Visitors to our booth were also extremely interested in hearing about our successful Diagnostics solution. Diagnostics for in-store, contact centers or self-care, will wow customers by empowering them to quickly identify a host of mobile device issues. It also solves 97% of battery issues without replacing the battery! Visit our site to find out more.

These are just a few of our solutions to put you in the lead – and let’s face it, you’re in it, to win it!

If you happen to be at MWC next month, swing by our booth to find out how we can help you master the mobile experience! We’ve got some cool new solutions and services to assist you in knocking the socks off your customers.  We’ll have demos and other goodies, all designed to enhance the customer experience.  We’re also in it to win it!

Hopefully, we’ll see you in Barcelona.
CEM demo